Climanetics Services Overview

For over 30 years Climanetics has earned the reputation as the Fan Coil experts from unit repairs, modifications, Insuite Air Balancing, system troubleshooting,  Fan Coil System Restoration and Refurbishing, and Steril-Aire UVC Emitters and  Dryer Exhaust System Troubleshooting.

Steril-Aire UVC Emitters

Climanetics Inc. is the exclusive representative for Steril-Aire UVC Emitters in Ontario. UVC Emitters can be used in many ways to enrich our quality of life. In the HVAC industry, we can install these Emitters in rooftop units, fan coil units, incremental units, and make-up air units, to improve the air quality, and deal with the mold issues associated with that industry.

In the food industry, the UVC Emitters can be used in a sterilization process to prolong the lifespan of produce on the shelf. In schools, the UVC Emitters can be used to enhance hygiene, and reduce illness and absenteeism. Hospitals can use the UVC Emitters to sterilize equipment, or entire rooms, before surgery. Hospitals can also benefit from UVC Emitters in their HVAC equipment, to improve the indoor air quality and reduce the transmission of viruses and bacteria.


Steril-Aire UVC Enmitter in large air handler

Troubleshooting fan coil system

Fan Coil System Troubleshooting

The extensive experiences our employees have, with our background in the fan coil industry, allow us to assess and diagnose major system problems and issues. Fan coil system issues are seldom diagnosed properly, and are usually pinpointed to a single troublesome unit, or a riser with two or three units that aren’t working properly. We can pinpoint riser and pump issues, condensate leaks, and general system performance problems, and guide you through the best solutions available.

Fan Coil Unit Repairs

Climanetics Inc. service technicians will diagnose and repair any mechanical issues with your fan coil unit. Our technicians have extensive knowledge and experience with fan coil systems, and are up to date on the latest advancements and technologies available.

Cleaning fan coil fan motor

Replacing a fan coil unit

Fan Coil Modifications

Our service technicians can upgrade various components within your fan coil unit, in order to enhance the performance, or energy efficiency of the existing unit. Our technicians can guide you through the available options in thermostats, motors, valves, grilles, and access panels, to update your fan coil unit.

Fan Coil System Restoration and Refurbishing

Climanetics Mechanical Restoration Inc. will assess the current condition of your buildings fan coil system, and make recommendations to either extend the systems lifespan, or to develop a process and timeframe to refurbish, or replace the existing system. Refurbishing individual fan coil units one at a time, offers a cost effective way to upgrade a unit that has deteriorated prematurely.

A fan coil system restoration entails the complete removal of all fan coil units, including risers, insulation, and fire stopping. This solution allows the entire fan coil system to be upgraded to today’s standards. A complete system redesign will upgrade the system to better insulation values, better fire stopping methods, variable frequency drive (VFD) pumping systems, WIFI thermostats, and ECM motors. In the long run, this type of restoration will save the building in energy costs (gas and electricity) for the duration of the systems life cycle.


Fan coil unit retrofit project

Dryer exhaust service

Dryer Exhaust System Troubleshooting

Climanetics Inc. service technicians will diagnose any issues pertaining to the performance of your dryer exhaust system. Our technicians will be able to repair exhaust fan motors, dryer sensor relays, and lint screens. These items, along with proper dryer duct cleaning, will optimize the performance of your dryer, and make your dryer system more efficient, and cost effective.


Affordable service and maintenance programs.


We have created educational guides for condominium property managers.

  • Fungi and Mold in Fan Coil Units
  • Fan Coil System Restoration
  • Coil Maintenance and Filtration
  • Insuite Dryer Exhaust and Ventilation Maintenance

I wanted to take this time to note how amazing your on-site techs were throughout the maintenance period as well as when completing the missed suites. Please pass on a big “Thank you” to the crew from the Gramercy Park team!

We are so pleased with how this entire season has gone and we will be communicating the same to the Board.

Romina Petraco, Property Manager, ICC Property Management Ltd.