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Maintenance Programs

Fancoil Maintenance Programs

CLIMANETICS Inc. offers a custom tailored approach to their fancoil maintenance program. Since each condominium is unique in age, fancoil manufacturer, thermostat control arrangement, and degree of disrepair, each maintenance program is designed to address specific issues in an effort to return and/or maintain the fancoil as originally installed. We recommend that a CLIMANETICS representative does a site inspection to help develop the optimum program for your particular building.

Heat Pump Maintenance Programs

The heat pump system requires a unique approach to proper maintenance. CLIMANETICS Inc. will develop a basic heat pump maintenance program to accommodate your condominium if requested, but the best approach, and the one recommended, is to incorporate a comprehensive (all inclusive) maintenance program. This type of program will include the repair, servicing, and seasonal filter change as a complete package. The condominium owner will appreciate the superior response and minimal downtime this program offers. 

Laundry/Exhaust Duct Cleaning Programs

The laundry/exhaust duct cleaning program will require a site inspection of the condominium to provide a quotation. The orientation of the laundry room, as well as access and dryer type (stacked or side-by-side), will also be considered in the quotation. CLIMANETICS Inc. recommends that the duct cleaning be done as a complete system. The cleaning will incorporate the dismantling of the dryer, the lint screen, the exhaust fan housing, and all associated ductwork connected from the dryer to the exterior of the building.

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Customer Service

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